How to Repair a Freezer

The average lifetime for a standalone freezer is around 15 years. This means that a freezer is one of the more durable home appliances. “Even still, freezers are prone to minor issues and problems that will need repair,” says Eric Hallam, who owns a Scottsdale appliance repair service.

You can learn how to troubleshoot and repair common freezer problems from our list below. We include tips on how to identify the issue and the common causes for a breakdown or malfunction. If the problem is serious, OBX recommends hiring a local appliance repairman near your home.


A buildup of frost can occur in a freezer for several different reasons. You should inspect the defrost thermostat first. This part is primarily responsible for thawing frost buildup. Then look at the door gasket and the defrost timer. The odds are one of these parts on the freezer are broken and need repair or replacement.


Homeowners often first notice an appliance is broken based on a machine making loud or strange noises. “If this happens on a standalone freezer, the first thing to inspect is the evaporator blade,” says Jim Simmons, who has over 20 years experience in appliance repair in Reading. You can replace a freezer blade or hire a professional to complete the repair for you.


A freezer that won’t turn on won’t freeze or cool the contents inside. You first need to be sure the freezer is plugged in and the circuit breakers are not tripped. If the machine is plugged in, continue troubleshooting. There are three parts responsible for ensuring a freezer turns on: start relay, start capacitor & thermostat


We’ve all heard the old joke, “Is your freezer running? Then you better catch it.” The truth is, if a freezer won’t stop running, you need to repair it. To troubleshoot, you should inspect the temperature control, defrost timer and defrost thermostat. You can replace these with new parts for sale on the internet or call a repairman to purchase and replace the freezer part.


The ideal temperature for a freezer is 0 degrees fahrenheit. You do not want a freezer to be colder than that. If it is there is a problem. The temperature control, user control or thermostat could be broken if the freezer dips below 0 degrees fahrenheit. You can test the thermostat by using a handheld thermometer or thermostat to test the temperature of the freezer.


You never want a freezer to be too warm. The entire point of the appliance is to cool and freeze foods and liquids. This issue needs immediate and perhaps professional attention. The first thing to consider if a freezer is too warm is to inspect the user control, defrost timer and thermostat. These parts are the most common causes for a freezer that is too warm.

The above problems are the most common issues we see with freezers. There are other more rare problems that can occur. If one of those problems is the issue we would recommend hiring a professional appliance repair company near you. You can find several online for each city and state.

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